Sunday, July 15, 2012

Not much to say with a lot going on

So, tomorrow we start school. Luke's first day of kindergarten and my first day of homeschooling. This year is going to bring on a lot of changes. We have school. Luke is so excited about Kindergarten. We did not get the teacher we wanted but Luke is still excited about going and we are still working on getting that teacher we liked. Also, we have homeschooling that we are trying. I just pray that I do a great job and Mark can learn a lot. In the next year, we also have a new baby arriving. I am still in denial about this whole pregnancy thing, even though I continue to feel horrible most of the time and my belly is growing.
Also, on the new front is buying a house. This past week we signed papers on a new house. We will be building a new house with hopefully all the things we want in a new house. At the same time, we are selling our current house. They only house that we have owned and our first house together. All of these things are so exciting but so scary on the other hand. Most of which I am in denial of.
There is nothing in life that I want/don't want that God doesn't want for me, but I just pray that all of this works out and that our decisions are in His will.

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